Our concept

Welcome to Brød Louise: The Art of Urban Bakery and Café

Located in the heart of the Louise district, Brød Louise stands out as an urban bakery & coffee where the excellence of each product is our priority. Just 20 meters from Place Stéphanie, our new place promises a unique experience, combining modernity and conviviality.

An Artisanal Tradition

Every morning, at dawn, our bakers bake fresh bread, guaranteeing exceptional quality and unparalleled taste. Our pastries, prepared on site every day, will delight lovers of golden croissants, melting butter couques and tasty raisin couques. The smell of warm bread and freshly baked pastries fills the space, creating a welcoming and authentic atmosphere.

Exceptional Sandwiches

Our sandwiches reflect our passion for quality ingredients. The bread, carefully selected for its texture and taste, provides the perfect base for fresh and delicious toppings. Each sandwich is designed to offer an explosion of flavors, making Brod Louise a benchmark for the best sandwiches in Brussels.

An Exceptional Café

Our coffee is more than just a drink, it's an experience. Carefully selected, our coffee is prepared to reveal its most subtle aromas, whether enjoyed alone or accompanied by our pastries.

A Warm and Modern Place

Brod Louise combines modern aesthetics with a warm ambiance. With 35 seats inside and around a hundred outside, our establishment is perfect for a gourmet break, a meeting with friends or a moment of relaxation after a day of shopping in this chic and tourist district of Brussels.

A Diverse Clientele

Our strategic location attracts an international clientele as well as local residents. Tourists and Brussels residents meet at Brod Louise to share a friendly moment around a delicious meal.

Come and discover Brød Louise

We invite you to discover Brød Louise, where every visit is a celebration of taste and quality. Whether you're looking for the best sandwich in Brussels, a perfect coffee or just a nice place to relax, Brod Louise is your new must-visit destination at the foot of the Louise district.